CO2 neutral

The impact of climate change is undeniable. More than ever before, we are confronted with extreme weather conditions, droughts, heat waves and declining biodiversity.

If we want to continue supplying the world’s growing population with bananas, while respecting the natural boundaries of our planet, a shift towards a real sustainable banana is the only way forward.

We decided that a real sustainable banana should also be a carbon free organic banana.

What we could have done is just buy some green certificates and green wash our company and products like so many companies are doing nowadays.

That is not how we wanted to do this. It felt like cheating on our consumers and that is not what we stand for.

Instead we started this long term project where we set goals how we were going to reduce our carbon emissions ourselves by making the right investments.

We contacted an external partner, who supported us in our sustainability process.

They advised us where we could reduce our emissions even further and calculated our reduced carbon footprint from plant to consumer.

All these calculations and efforts have been verified and officially certified.

Read our QES statement

The small part of carbon emissions that were still left have been offsetted in accredited projects.

After this process of over 3 years we can proudly say that Fresh Fruit can offer real certified carbon free bananas.

As sustainability is a continuous process, we have made the commitment to always strive for the most sustainable banana.

We have made reduction plans to go further. By 2023 we plan to be 100% carbon free with only our own investments and by 2025 we want to go beyond carbon neutral and create an actual environmental benefit to give back to nature.

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