Organic bananas from A to Z

All the flavour, none of the chemical residues

Are the chemicals used to grow conventional bananas worth worrying about? Most people doubt it. After all, you peel the fruit. Unfortunately, the chemicals used to produce conventional bananas aren’t just on the outside. The chemical residues sink into the soil. And from there, they find their way into the fruit of the banana. So even if you peel your banana, it doesn’t prevent you from ingesting those chemicals. Choosing an organic banana is not only choosing for a sustainable and residue-free banana, but also an ecologically responsible banana.

At Fresh Fruit, we grow our organic bananas in soil that is certified to be free from chemical residues. And it makes them a far better choice of banana for you, your family and friends to enjoy. And since our Fresh Fruit organic bananas also have several social certifications, you can be sure they’re also grown in a socially responsible manner.

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