Organic bananas

How are our organic bananas harvested?

The process we follow when harvesting our organic bananas actually begins while they are still on the plant. From being measured to washed, cut and branded, you would be surprised just how involved this process is! The end result is a high level of quality that satisfies international organic authorities, that we are proud to say we provide, and which keeps our customers coming back for more.

Step 01

Quality selection and grading

The harvesting process for bananas begins with quality selection and grading. At Fresh Fruit, we take a thorough approach, measuring our banana bunches while they are still on the plant. We use the results of these tests to give our bananas an initial grading.

Step 02

Harvesting organic bananas

When they meet a passing grade, we harvest our organic bananas by hand. This is a three-person process, in which one person cuts down bunches of bananas on their stalks, while two others carefully place them on a padded trailer.

Step 03


harvesting, bananas are brought in the trailer from the plantation to a packing station. We keep foam padding between the individual bunches to stop them rubbing and damaging each other. We re-use this foam padding as much as possible to avoid waste.

Step 04


When the bananas are still on the padded trailer, they are softly rinsed to remove any soil or other debris.

Step 05


A small knife is used to cut the banana bunches from their stalks. Once they’re detached, any small or damaged fruit is removed.

Step 06


We then immerse the banana bunches in tanks of clear water. This removes any impurities. This process is approached with maximum care to ensure the fruit isn’t damaged.

Step 07


This next step depends on the demands of the specific client. We have clients who prefer to receive single, individual bananas. Others are happy to have the bananas cut into banana hands (with multiple bananas).

Step 08


The bananas then take a ride on a conveyor system. They are once again sorted and graded based on size and quality.

Step 09


We now brand our bananas with a variety of stickers. The different stickers highlight the properties of each banana and the production process they have undergone.

We can also put the bananas in plastic bags if requested by the client. This process is also tailored to the specific desires of our clients. We are specialists in this area. Make sure you let us know of any specific demands you might have or if there are any ways we could possibly help you!

Step 10


The bananas are then carefully packed in hands, clusters and singles. The fruit is packed in boxes of cardboard with plastic film inserts to maintain the fruits properties throughout its voyage.

Fresh Fruit offers you a wide range of packaging possibilities. We have plenty of experience working with a range of different packaging materials based on requests from specific customers. If there is any specific approach to packaging you want, don’t hesitate to ask us!

Step 11


From here, our bananas travel to their destinations. They’re sure to arrive fresh and full of nutritious organic goodness! Enjoy!

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