Social responsibilities

You’ll find a steadfast commitment to social responsibility at the very heart of our organisation. We believe Fresh Fruit only exists because of people: the people we work with, day in, day out, as well as their families and their communities. We care about our employees. We understand the importance of every single team member in our business. Without them, we would simply not be able to deliver premium produce. And we have the opportunity to improve and support better living conditions for them through better work practices. A goal we are committed to fulfilling.

Our business enables us to support, nurture and develop the local economy. We pursue this opportunity in line with the ETI principles. They promote fair and sustainable trading practices including transparency, fair prices, labour and environmental standards, and trading with integrity throughout the supply chain.
Fair trade of this nature is a powerful driver in reducing poverty and encouraging sustainable development.

Fair Trade premiums are invested straight back into the communities. They contribute to supporting healthcare and social projects as well as infrastructure improvements.

School project Bambini

At Fresh Fruit, we are proud to have seen our commitment to Fair Trade co-fund the opening of a kindergarten and primary school in Mao Valverde, providing high-quality education to more than 50 children. 
We recently have even welcomed a Belgian teacher to our Bambini team. She is sharing her knowledge and experience of the European education system to help us in the pursuit of providing high-level education for our workers’ children. Many of the other schools in the area have adopted some of these practices, resulting in something of an evolution in the local education.

Want to know more about our schoolproject?

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