Our approach

Global distributor of organic bananas

Fresh Fruit is a specialist producer, supplier and distributor of organic bananas.
We maintain a strong and consistent supply of high-quality, organic bananas all year round, the majority of them grown at our own Fresh Fruit production sites.

How we supply and distribute organic bananas for maximum freshness

Our alliances with transport providers in our logistical network allow us flexibility in shipping our fruit on a global scale. And to maintain peak freshness and optimal conditions, all our fruit travels in refrigerated containers. In this way, consumers across the globe can enjoy all the benefits of our organic bananas while they are at their finest.

The year-round supply and distribution of organic bananas is predominantly made possible by the excellent conditions for growth at our production sites in the Dominican Republic. However, we are also able to supplement our own production with purchases from other certified suppliers of organic bananas in the country. This allows us to offer a ready supply of fresh bananas to clients around the globe.

Future plans for distributing organic bananas

With an established presence in markets in Europe and the United States, we are expanding our client base, regularly entering new markets around the world. With this in mind, we have invested in a new distribution centre, due to open in 2018. This centre will increase the efficiency with which we distribute organic bananas and our energy efficiency: it will be powered by 2,000 solar panels. In line with our Corporate Social Responsibility policy and dedication to environmental concerns, the use of solar power will also help us to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure the future sustainability of our business.

Distribution is the final step in the story. Before this, we also grow and harvest our bananas. Click on the links to find out how we do this. Or contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your organic banana needs.

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